Braeden Ayres has had premieres and commissions of his work all over the world. Below are just some of those commissions and premieres. 

Jennifer Rodgers
University of Washington; Pundits and Poets arrangement; SATB, percussion, strings; 2017

Winston Knoll Collegiate 
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; The Dove that Calls; SAB, piano; 2017

Monroe High School
Monroe, Michigan; Fairy Song; SA, piano; 2017

Florida ACDA Men’s Honor Choir 
Journeyman’s Song; TTB, piano; 2015

Kansas ACDA Treble Honor Choir
Now, Voyager; SSA, piano, horn; 2017

Inaugural Symposium on Singing and Song 
Newfoundland, Canada; Frobisher Bay; TTB, piano; 2015

Commissioning Consortium
“Dream of the Caged Bird” (CO, TX, FL, OH, OK, CA, MA, NJ, PA, MO) 2017

The Texas Voices
Dallas, TX; “Mezõ de Solé Levé” SATB divisi, djembe; 2017

Grand Junction High School
Brad Hirsch, Director; “Come With Me” SSA, percussion; 2016

Castille High School
Cami Clausen, Director; “Dream On” SATB, piano; 2017

GALA Chorus Festival
Denver, Colorado; “My Country Tis of Thee” brass arrangement; 2016

Prairie Point Middle School
Cedar Rapids Iowa; The Witching Hour; TTB, piano; 2016

Fort Collins High School
William Ecker, Director; “San Aki no Haiku” SATB, piano (choral set); 2017

AJ Phillips
University of Northern Colorado; “Furiosa” Mezzo Soprano, guitar, percussion; 2017

Kara Kupecki, Ethan Peckham
University of Northern Colorado; “A Little Song,” soprano, baritone, piano; 2016

The Texas Voices
Dallas, TX; “anyone live in a pretty how town” SATB, piano; 2016

Out Loud: The Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus
“Hold On” from The Secret Garden, TTBB; 2016

Patriot League Honor Choir
Greeley, Colorado “Afternoon on a Hill,” SSA, piano; 2016

University of Northern Colorado Chamber Choir
“Firelight,” SATB; 2016

Discovery Canyon Campus
“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan, TTBB; 2013

Mackenzie Wilson
Baylor University, Waco, Texas; Sussurations, Soprano, piano; 2011

Grapevine High School
Patrick Antinone, Director; Born on a Fishing Boat; SSA, piano; 2012



All commissioning fees are negotiable. Schools who demonstrate a record of significant achievement despite economic hardship are encouraged to apply for a deeply discounted rate.

If you are interested in hiring Braeden Ayres for a commission, please use the contact form.  

photo cred. Diana Healy

photo cred. Diana Healy