Since 2011, Braeden has shifted almost exclusively from solo voice to choral compositions. As a result, there are few works available for solo voice. If you are interested in purchasing a solo score or commissioning a new solo work, please use the contact form.

New works coming Summer 2018.
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Aphelion was written for another close friend of mine, Lauren Knebel. It was premiered as part of her Senior Recital at Baylor University. "Aphelion" is a greek word that describes the point in a planet or comet's orbit that it is farthest from the sun. In the song, it is used as a metaphor to illustrate that though true friends my be separated by time and distance, they will always find a way to return to one another.

Aphelion (full score)
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Susurrations is an intensely personal work for me, chronicling (through a series of vignettes) my coming out process as a gay man. The work was premiered as part of my Senior Recital at Baylor University by my dear friends, Mackenzie Wilson and Margaret Barrett.

Susurrations (full score)
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