Why the Snake?

The image of a snake eating its own tail, also known as ouroboros, is an ancient symbol with many meanings. Most often, it has the same significance as the phoenix, symbolizing rebirth and the cyclical nature of all things. 

The rainbow has been a significant image for many cultures throughout human history. For many, it symbolizes an appreciation and love for all things: a vision of hope and joy. 

For me then, the rainbow ouroboros represents the importance of creating a cycle of compassion and empathy in your life and in the lives of others. I often reflect on this by listening to Patty Griffin's song Forgiveness, where she talks about the need to climb out of darkness and escape other destructive habits, such as resentment and bitterness. Call me naïve, but I believe that all people are innately good, and deserve to be understood and respected. 

Curiously enough, in researching these symbols, I discovered that the rainbow serpent also contains significance, much of it similar, in some Australian Aboriginal cultures. Go figure: nothing's completely original, and that's okay. 

I use the snake as my personal logo, and it's also tattooed on my forearm as a constant reminder to live out these values.