I Should Get Out More

I'm a naturally introverted person* so spending time alone is not a problem for me. In fact, I really enjoy it. Every now and then, I'll think of a friend that I need to call; or my fiancé, Ryan, and I will host a games night; but generally speaking, I'm not the sort of person who just "hangs out" with other people. This is probably because, even when I'm by myself, I rarely just "hang out." There's always an activity of some sort,  even if it's as ridiculous as watching television for nine hours. 

This summer, I've had a lot of alone time, due to the fact that I'm not teaching (with the exception of a handful of voice lessons) and Ryan is working full-time during his summer break (bless him, truly). This has meant I have been able to compose with a lot more frequency than I normally do. In the past 6 weeks, I've averaged two new compositions a week, which is phenomenal, for me at least. Six hours a day writing will get you that occasionally. None of these are life-altering works, but they are all things that I've come to be quite proud of, if I must say. 

At the same time, I just took the dogs for a walk, and man, did the sun feel good. So I guess the struggle for balance continues.

*INFJ, if you're curious--though I find that generally only other INFJ's are.