Grad School Life (or Lack Thereof)

Life brings with it new challenges almost every day. My biggest challenge of recent memory was the decision to go back to school to pursue my Master's Degree. As of today, I have been studying for 5 weeks--and it's unbelievable how quickly that has flown by. 

Here then, are some thoughts on grad school, from a beginner: 

  • I'm just as busy as I was teaching, only now, if I mess up, I'm really the only one affected by it (rather than before, when it was several hundred young and vulnerable people). 
  • I remember how easily I overextend myself.
  • I spend 90% of my waking time working very hard so that I can spend 10% of my time playing video games without feeling guilty. 
  • A year ago I broke up with caffeine. 3 weeks ago I asked it to take me back.
  • There is so little time to do "outside projects." I have only completed one new piece since starting school, but I have about 10 new sketches of ideas. 
  • Having dogs is a great way to meet people. 
  • My advice: if you and your significant other are both in graduate school at the same time, be prepared to never see them, unless you schedule time. 
  • Remember having money? That was nice, wasn't it?
  • Try as I might, even if I go fullscreen, I can't see my entire calendar in a single view. This is very, very depressing.
  • I am learning an incredible amount from my professors. 
  • I am surrounded by extremely talented musicians. 
  • I am going to be so much better off having done this.